FTM Product Catalog

Pack and Pee
The revolutionary Mango allows you to stand and pee with complete confidence! Designed and manufactured specifically for pre-op transmen, it is leakproof and incredibly easy to use. The Mango is comfortable to wear all day and gives the realistic appearance of a flaccid penis under clothing. Available in two sizes.

Metoidioplasty Pack and Pee
Finally, a pack and pee prosthesis for guys who have had metoidioplasty surgery (with urethral lengthening)! The MetoMango is designed to provide greater length for urination and/or to control an unpredictable urine stream, and also enhances your appearance. Also useful for genetic guys with a micropenis.

The best pantstuffer available, the Packy is soft and comfortable enough to wear all day or around the clock. It looks completely natural and feels exactly like a flaccid penis! Available in two sizes.

Chest Binding
Our new line of compression vests is the ultimate in breast binding! Manufactured specifically for transmen by an FTM-owned company in Taiwan, they are unsurpassed in looks, comfort, quality, and durability. The materials and craftsmanship are truly extraordinary. Available in three models.

FTM Sexual Prostheses
Cyberskin Cyber Cock - The Cyber Cock is undoubtedly the most realistic feeling erect cock on the market, made from new and very life-like materials. You won't believe how it feels- and neither will your partner!

Mango Erection System - Carry the compact, portable Mango Erection System with you to transform your Mango into an erect cock... because you never know when you will need it!

Phalloplasty Prosthesis
The Phalloplasty Erection System is designed to enhance sexual intercourse for guys who have had phalloplasty surgery. The comfortable elastic band wraps around your penis to stiffen it, and the extension sleeve provides added length and girth. Available in two lengths. Also useful for genetic guys who want to enlarge and/or harden their erection.

FTM Harnesses
The Mango Harness is designed specifically to wear with the Mango, MetoMango, or Packy. It is made of comfortable cotton webbing and elastic and is very unobtrusive under clothing.

The Cyber Harness is designed specifically for the Cyber Cock, as most other harnesses won't work with it. It is made of comfortable cotton webbing and fastens quickly and easily with velcro, with no buckles or plastic clips.