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Cyberskin Cyber Cock - The Cyber Cock is undoubtedly the most realistic feeling erect cock on the market, made from new and very life-like materials. You won't believe how it feels- and neither will your partner!

Mango Erection System - Carry the compact, portable Mango Erection System with you to transform your Mango into an erect cock... because you never know when you will need it!


Cyberskin Cock

Mango Erection System

Cyber Harness

  The Cyberskin Cock is made from a new and very life-like material. It feels and looks like a real erect penis, with realistic testicles that are squishy on the outside and firm on the inside. The shaft is about 6 1/2 inches long. One of the best features is that it is pliable, so that even though it is hard enough for an erection, it bends. This allows you to wear it relatively unobtrusively in your briefs before love-making, so you don't have to be obviously erect at first, or stop the action when things are heating up. It maintains body temperature and can be pre-heated in warm water if desired. With a water based gel it feels incredibly real. It is available in two beautiful skin tones, a light caucasian and a medium brown.

The following description is based on an online review:
The new Cyberskin line of products represents a significant advance in prostheses that feel like the real thing. The latex on the surface of this penis feels remarkably like human skin. However, if the whole prosthesis were made out of that same soft material, it wouldn't be firm enough. So, the interior shaft of the penis is made of a much firmer latex, and there are also two firm, defined balls in the base. The result is a penis that feels remarkably like a real erection-- soft and supple on the surface, but hard and rigid inside. Visually, the shape, texture, and coloration are designed to create a realistic effect. The overall length is 8" (20 cm). The shaft alone is about 6" (15 cm). The shaft is about 1 7/8" (4.5 cm) wide, and 5" (13 cm) around.

The Cyber Cock works best with the Cyber Harness or harnesses that have one strap going between the legs. It does not work well with harnesses that have two straps in the back.

  Cyberskin Cock - Caucasian (plain)
  Cyberskin Cock - Brown (plain)

  The Mango Erection System allows you to adapt your 3 1/2" Mango for sexual intercourse. The kit includes an elastic band that fits snugly around the shaft of the Mango to make it firmer, a Cyberskin penis extender that fits over the shaft, and a harness. The Cyberskin component is a soft, flesh-like sleeve that encases the Mango and extends the length by 3", resulting in a 6" penis that is rigid enough for sex and resembles the Cyberskin Cyber Cock. The Mango System Harness, identical to the Cyber Harness, holds your erection in place. The Mango receptacle tube (with standard length latex tube) is partially covered by the Cyberskin sleeve, and provides gentle stimulation for you.

The Mango Erection System includes the elastic band, Cyberskin sleeve, and harness, as well as a drawstring pouch that holds everything and can be carried discreetly in a pocket or fanny pack. A 3 1/2" Mango must be purchased separately, and the standard length latex tube is recommended.

Cyberskin sleeve available in caucasian or brown; harness available in tan or brown.

  Mango Erection System - Caucasian
  Mango Erection System - Brown

  This harness is made of soft cotton webbing and is very comfortable. It fastens with velcro on the waist band so it is fast and easy to put on. It is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, made with minimal material, but holds your manhood firmly in place. It is available in tan or brown webbing with a clear silicone ring to hold your erect penis. The leg straps are left unattached at the back so you can size them for yourself, then sew them in place by hand or machine. It's simple to do, and easy-to-follow directions are included.

(Note: This harness will NOT work with the Mango, MetoMango or the Packy.)

  Cyber Harness (tan)
  Cyber Harness (brown)