A full line of FTM prostheses, harnesses, and chest binders that allow you to present a totally male appearance.

Featuring the popular Mango pack-and-pee prosthesis, with our exclusive Man-go* receptacle tube the only FTM urinary device designed specifically for the pre-op transman's anatomy.

        Mango Products is proud to present a full line of FTM prostheses for pre-op ftm guys as well as post-op men with metoidioplasty or phalloplasty. Our product line includes prostheses for every need - packing, peeing, and having sex - as well as chest binding vests and comfortable cotton harnesses.

Our exclusive MAN-GO is the best pack and pee prosthesis available on the market, and the only one designed specifically for pre-op FTM guys.

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  *patent pending

Mango Products is motivated by the fact that transmen deserve affordable FTM prostheses that really work, designed by someone who understands our needs. For us, these products are true anatomical prostheses, body parts that are crucial to our identity and our ability to function as men. We offer them here with the hope that you will find them helpful in your life as a man and in your journey toward wholeness.